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Referring Agency


‘He has historically not sustained any employment, training and education provision for more than a few hours or a couple of days. However since he was paired with a mentor from Ment4, he managed to sustain an apprenticeship for a period of 10 weeks. This was due to the perseverance and tenacity of the mentor; every time he tried to drop out, the mentor was there to pick him up and put him back on course. He would have breached several times if it wasn't for the relationship with the mentor and his circumstances would certainly have been very different had he not been engaged with the service. The mentor had the time to put into this young person; he was the mentor's priority and he felt this security and reassurance, which enabled him to succeed in a situation he would have otherwise not survived. Communication is definitely Ment4's strength and the mentor and caseworker have regular contact. The caseworker would not have been aware of many of the issues that the young person had been facing had it not been for the relationship and communication with the mentor.’

‘I just wanted to formally record my thanks and appreciation for all the support and effective interaction that you have given to the young person. I feel safe in the knowledge that the progress you have helped her to effect in her life will stand her in such good stead. I have worked in youth justice/social care for over 25 years and have sometimes had a healthy cynicism about using mentors as so often they have inadvertently caused more problems than the ones they were supposed to help with. However, I cannot tell you how highly I have regarded being able to work with the mentor in such a professional and caring way. She has always demonstrated an extremely warm and caring approach with the young person but also knows how to instil appropriate boundaries and challenge behaviour without rejecting them. I know the young person has really enjoyed and benefited from her contact with you and that this has allowed them to have positive experiences that they would not otherwise have had. You have succeeded in providing them with a strong source of stability and encouragement outside the family. I know that this has helped them to grow and develop as a young person struggling to find their way in the world.'

'I do feel that the mentor and I worked really well together and that we supported and complemented each other. I have appreciated this as it has allowed us to sustain our interaction with the young person on a positive and healthy basis. They have been so very lucky having the mentor working with them – their regular and unwavering support has had an obvious impact on helping them to reduce her risk of harm to others as well as their own risk of re-offending. They obviously still have a long way to go, but experiencing such consistently positive support and encouragement in their life means they now have more of a chance of achieving the positive goals that they set. I know that the young person’s family have also been impressed with and supported by the mentor. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to colleagues who may be struggling to work with particularly disenchanted or disaffected young people.’


Young Person


“You have helped me in loads of things, like getting off tag and doing my learning. Giving me food and treats. You also drive me places I want to go. You also have helped me with my family. It's all good, it helps you very good with the learning.” 


"You always looked out for me from the start. You always let me know I could talk to you about anything and was supportive when my mum went to prison, and made sure I never felt alone. You’re like a friend to me now and I hope we will always talk, even though I no longer need the Youth Offending Service”

'It's about people who are trying to help you like with problems you have... their job is to see you through it ….......... I got an apprenticeship. I met A…he has done things with me that I can take and show to other people and knowledge that I have got off him that will be a big help in my future.'




“You know that each day you are making a difference. As mentors we are the constant in their lives - family life, education, the justice system or work may not be working for them but they know that we are committed and we will show up and be there for them when they need us. People often ask me if I am ever scared being alongside an offender. I have never felt afraid with him ever; he is the loveliest, very polite and caring young man who I happily spend my day with. The only down side in all this is it all comes to an end too quickly - 6 months is such a short time to walk alongside someone and change their life around for the better.”

Photo of thinking Teen