Our Team

Our Team:

Peter Stanley, Director, Trustee - Founding director of Ment4. Experience includes anti-human trafficking agencies in the UK, Netherlands and India, Stop The Traffik, UK Human Trafficking Centre, International Anti-Trafficking Group http://www.intatg.org/ , Croydon Council boards, various humanitarian organizations, international risk management and theatre company board member. He has lived 28 years in Croydon.

Roy Petersen, Trustee & Advisory Board - Founding trustee of Ment4. Experience includes film producer of commercial and social content films and social media communications in the USA and UK. He lives in the USA.

David Holden, Trustee & Advisory Board - Founding trustee of Ment4. Experience includes property development and commercial artist. 

Ray Falgout, Advisory Board - Founding director of CCPC mentoring and therapeutic foster care in Oregon,  USA for over 30 years, Masters Degree in Correctional Administration, and prior custody officer roles. He lives in The USA.

Allie Fox, Advisory Board - Specialist worker for local government intensive youth care and former mentor. 

Andy Stranach, Advisory Board - Local councillor, welfare care manager, former government policy adviser and mentor.

Martyn Williams ACIB, Finance Manager - Director of financial management services company for Charities, Community & Voluntary Organisations and Social Enterprise Development, and prior investment and bank management. 

Jack Fournier, Behavioural Adviser - Experience includes a lifetime of juvenile justice management and procurement of mentoring support. He lives in the USA.

Lisa, Youth Justice & Social Care Team Leader -  Mentor and experience in founding commercial retail business and running an autism support programme.

Natasha, Educational & Social Care Team Leader - Mentor and company owner.

Mentors - Our team experience includes counseling, teaching, youth work, company management, sales, record and film production, church leadership and mental health support. They all live in Croydon.