How we work

Photo of Teen thinking

The Ment4 Programme

The Ment4 programme typically runs for six months and tackles the behavioural issues of young offenders and long term non-attenders in education. 

It is a flexible programme that’s designed to compliment existing social services, youth justice and education programmes, engaging all parties in the process, such as:

As well as supporting the young people, the Ment4 programme helps to reduce re-offending rates for youth justice organisations, reduce non-attendance for schools and Pupil Referral Units and NEET levels for local authorities.

For 4 to 6 months, our mentors will spend around 6 hours a week with the young people they are assigned to.

The composition of the team reflects and compliments the gender and ethnic groups of the young people that we work with. Our mentors are paid workers, with regular team supervision and training meetings, assistance from line managers, and 24 hour on-call support. Lead mentors also cover significant events that take place in unsocial hours or that require a rapid response.

The Personal Growth Plan

The Personal Growth Plan is the core document that we use to ensure that the progress, expectations and results for all parties is well documented. It features specific goals, including 

The plan is regularly updated and discussed with the key agencies involved in the young person’s progress, including a mid-programme review. And, every week a Weekly Report is provided to the referring agency, mirroring the PGP and detailing day by day developments, which are often discussed and worked on in a partnership approach. In this way, clarity is maintained for the mentee and those they relate to, providing a structure for them to live by.