About Us


Who We Help

Ment4 provides one-to-one specialist mentoring for Croydon 12 to 17 year olds with emotional and behavioural difficulties. We help those vulnerable to crime, non-attending or excluded from schools, those judged as particularly vulnerable by Children's Social Care, and direct referrals from families. 

How We Help, With Clear Aims & Communication 

We spend around 5 hours a week with each young person, helping us identify causes of problems and behavioural responses, and to address them with parents, schools, peers and other agencies. For those caught up in crime, we help them discover positive alternatives to wrong practices. For those struggling in education, we help indentify causes of difficulties and work with teaching staff to build long-term stability in behaviour and attendance. And alongside that, we always work closely with families, giving them support, encouragement and coaching boundaries, where necessary. Practically speaking, our days can involve attending court meetings, meeting teachers, setting up training and employment appointments, and chatting time and again over milkshakes and air hockey tables. Through these, we build trust, respect, opportunities and hope for the future.

For clarity of mentoring direction, a nine goal Personal Growth Plan is drawn up for each young person and progress towards those goals are reported in Weekly Reports sent to the referrer. In that way they will have a detailed picture of the issues and progress throughout.  

How You Can Make A Referral

A Referral Form is available for download in our Resources section or you can email a request to send one. We also welcome a call for an initial discussion. If suitable, we meet the young person with the referral agency and introduce our mentor. To help get management budgetary approval, we are happy to provide a written emailed proposal that can be easily forwarded to those making decisions. At the start of a programme we set up a Service Level Agreement with the referring agency or family and commit to providing monthly invoicing of charges and weekly reporting.


Our Moral & Inclusive Approach

Ment4 has built a reputation as a leading, tried and trusted professional service, used by youth justice, educational and social care agencies in local government and the third sector. It supports young people of all beliefs and social groupings and provides mentor support without bias or agenda. Its Trustees and Board hold to a Christian faith and believe that this provides a valuable moral framework for the work of its team. In a society where there is concern over radicalisation for harm and abuse, the morals with which it works are the true opposite. In much the same way as the great Christian reformers founded education and social welfare, so too, our team seek to provide positive encouragement and guidance to bring hope and new opportunities. The true heart of the Christian ethos is non-violent acceptance of all, where there is no condemnation, but only an expressed value for every human being. Within our mentoring, the team adopt a policy of avoiding contentious issues, in order to focus on the young people and their goals. They will respond to questions about their faith when asked, but will not press their beliefs on anyone in their care. Instead, their aim is to role model positive values and boundaries, that are recognised by all as non-threatening, commendable and welcomed in a sociaety of tolerance and mutual respect.