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Ment4 provides one-to-one specialist mentoring for 12 to 17 year olds with emotional and behavioural difficulties. We help those vulnerable to crime and those on court orders. We also help long-term non-attendees, those excluded from Schools and Pupil Referral Units, those judged as particularly vulnerable by Social Services, and direct referrals from families.

Based in Croydon, we run four to six month programmes where mentors meet two or three times a week with their assigned young people, one-on-one, working through problematic thinking and helping them achieve measurable written goals. All progress and critical issues are regularly reported to referring agencies through weekly reports and attendance at professional panel meetings. 


Since our start in 2011, we have taken over 100 young people through intensive mentoring, averaging 5 months per programme. Our service has been presented to the Prime Minister and one of our mentees was presented to the Queen to recognise his positive change since we started supporting him. 

Successes with young people in criminal justice, from a recent sample, show:

  • 94% lower re-offending (6% re-offending compared to 45% national average)
  • 70% reduced problem behaviours
  • 80% family involvement
  • 75% in education, employment or training

Successes with young people in educational non-attendance, from a recent sample, show:

  • 90% education engagement
  • 90% reduced problem behaviours
  • 80% family involvement

Whether you are an agency helping young people or a young person yourself. Feel free to contact us to chat about how we can help, or to use our resources.


‘We will use Ment 4 again to help us support our vulnerable young people re-engage with education. They have been professional in all our discussions and I look forward to working with them in the future.’ (Croydon Educational Agency)

‘He would have certainly breached had he not had this level of support from his mentor. Communication has been brilliant and the mentor has been in contact with his case worker almost every day.’ (Croydon Youth Justice Agency)  

'It is difficult for my husband and I to convey just how hugely beneficial the Ment4 service has been.  It was offered at a stage when our whole family was going through very stressful and difficult times following our son’s removal from mainstream school.  Ment4 gave us all respite.  We were able to plan our weeks knowing that there would be times when we did not have to be constantly 'on guard' with him and that we could relax and concentrate on work or run errands without having to drag him along. And more importantly Ment4 gave our son respite from us! He was able to experience new activities and mix socially and safely with peers.  He formed a very strong relationship with his mentor, who managed to obtain his confidence and gently guide him towards a better understanding of acceptable social behaviours. We would recommend Ment4 to any young person in similar need.' (Parents of a young person referred to us)

How To Refer Young People To Us


The referral process is simply to call us on 07752817882 or email us at info@ment4.org. We have a referral form that can be sent to you, but it is often helpful to have a brief discussion first.  

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