Welcome to Ment4

What We Do

We provide one-to-one specialist mentoring for 12 to 17 year olds in Croydon with emotional and behavioural difficulties. We help those vulnerable to crime, excluded from schools or judged as particularly vulnerable by YOS, schools, PRUs, Childrens Social Care and directly from families. Mentoring runs 4 to 6 months and mentors meet twice a week with their assigned young people, working through problematic thinking and helping them achieve measurable goals. Our results include a re-ofending rate of 13% (45% local and national average), 90% positive behaviour change, 80% family engagement, 85% in education or employment. 

How To Refer

Complete the downloadable Referral Form in our Resources section and email it to us at the addresses shown, or info@ment4.org. Call us on 07752817882 or one of the numbers on the Referral Form. 

What Clients Think Of Us

‘We will use Ment 4 again to help us support our vulnerable young people re-engage with education. They have been professional in all our discussions and I look forward to working with them in the future.’ (Croydon Educational Agency)

‘He would have certainly breached had he not had this level of support from his mentor. Communication has been brilliant and the mentor has been in contact with his case worker almost every day.’ (Croydon Youth Justice Agency)  

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